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Achieving product excellence is hard with stringent power supply regulations for telecommunications data networks

Communication networks rely on functioning data centers to effectively distribute information and connect people across the globe. A failure at these data centers can compromise the performance of telecommunication services for millions of devices. Ensuring the continued operation of telecommunication data networks requires advanced power supply units and implemented safegaurds to prevent critical failures due to power supply strain.

The most common power supply units used in telecommunication data networks is a 380 vDC power supply. These 380vDC power supply units are used in data networks, with the notable exception of AT&T and Verizon networks. Necessary safeguards, like automatic rebooting and overvoltage protection, are incorporated into power supply units to help prevent data center failures in the event of a power supply malfunction. These units are subjected to strict design and performance requirements to reduce the risk of an equipment failure that causes long-term network outages.

The 380 vDC Power Supply Webinar will teach you critical insights into successfully designing, testing and achieving compliance to power supply regulations. In this webinar, you will learn about design requirements, performance benchmarks, and testing criteria related to power supply testing. Our telecommunications network expert will present on key topics and provide solutions to your toughest power supply compliance challenges. Free registration to all

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Moving products
to market globally

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In this webinar, MET's telecommunication expert will give a thorough overview of best practices to successfully get your power supply unit to market in accordance to ATIS and ETSI requirements:

  • Overview of Testing Requirements – Pre-testing, Impluse Transients, Overvoltage Transients, Variable Voltage, Self-Recovery
  • Major Standard Compliance – ATIS 00600315.01 and ETSI EN 300 132-2 V2.5.1
  • Energy Efficiency – Current Usage, Energy Savings, Power Consumption
Achieving Product Excellence
  • Equipment Characteristics – Voltage Variation, Transients, Self-Recovery.
  • Product Planning – Design Requirements, Safeguard Implementation.

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