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Achieving product compliance is hard with evolving technologies

Advancing technologies and the convergence of Audio/Visual equipment and IT products made it difficult to determine whether a product should be tested to 60950-1 or 60065. As a result a number of revisions were made to each standard.

Unfortunately these revisions made the standards more difficult to use prompting a complete overhaul of the standards with an introduction of IEC 62368-1 as the solution. IEC 62368-1 is a technology-neutral and performance-based standard, which was designed with a hazard-based approach to replace the IEC 60950 and IEC 60065 standards.

In this two part webinar series, we give you an in-depth overview of IEC/EN/UL/CSA 62368-1 with critical insights into the new hazard based safety standard, key issues with transitioning (from IEC 60950 & IEC 60065), and manufacturers responsibilities from MET’s product safety testing experts.

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Moving products
to market globally

Why attend AT A GLANCE

In this webinar series Eurofins | MET Labs product safety experts will give you an in-depth overview of rules to a new hazard-based concept that emphasizes safety design in the early product development phase. Topics will include:

  • Scope of Standard (what’s new)
  • Explanation of HBSE – U.S. vs. Canadian regulatory requirements, NRTL program, UL standards, and third-party verification
  • Implementation Timing - Electric Shock, Fire, Heat, Mechanical, Radiation, and Chemical hazards.

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