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Achieving product excellence is hard with stringent Battery Safety standards

Lithium batteries have become a preferred energy source for a wide variety of products. With high-energy density storage in a compact package, lithium-based batteries are being chosen as an ideal power storage solution, however this had led to an increase in safety hazards associated not only with their use, but with their transportation as well.

As evolving technology and market-demands continue to push batteries to be more compact, battery safety regulations have evolved to ensure they operate as expected while maintaining their physical integrity under a number of environmental stresses.

This lithium battery webinar series will give you a complete picture of compliance to lithium battery safety and transportation standards to minimize the risk of catastrophic failures including design considerations, manufacturing guidelines, causes of common failures, and design for reliability. Free registration to all

Series line up

The third and current webinar in this series features an overview of why batteries fail, presented by DfR Solutions. Our first installment detailed critical insights into Lithium Battery Transportation Safety testing procedures. If you would like to receive more info on testing & certification, please click here.

Moving products
to market globally

Why to attend
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In a world of compliance complexity, knowledge empowers. Safety and reliability are paramount for lithium batteries, and manufacturers face stringent regulation for verifying performance, safety and reliability.

Testing and design experts from MET laboratories and DFR Solutions will present on a number of topics including:

  • Overview of Transportation and Safety Standards – UN/DoT 38.3 6th Edition, IATA requirements, IEC 62133, UL 2054, UL 1642, UL 2056
  • Battery Compliance in Today's Applications – Testing criteria, Battery failure causes; Common failure modes
  • Testing Criteria – Electrical (Short Circuit, Abnormal Charging, Abusive Overcharge, Forced Discharge) Mechanical (Crush, Impact, Drop, Shock, Vibration), Environmental (Temperature, Humidity, Altitude, Projectile hazard, Immersion), and Performance.
Achieving Product Excellence
  • Product Planning – Risk mitigation, Classifying, Naming, and Packaging Guidelines; General Manufacturing Guidelines
  • Tailoring Design and Test Methods to Environmental Conditions – Design and manufacturing considerations to prevent failures and explosions.

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MET Laboratories

    • With over 60 years of product safety expertise, MET evaluates your batteries for safety according to regulatory and international standards. We help you ensure cell and battery compliance to attain the certifications needed for your demanding time-to-market needs. Our streamlined testing process ensures your batteries are in accordance with government, regulatory, or industry standards based on your compliance needs.

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