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Achieving electromagnetic compatibility is hard with evolving technology

You have designed and built a great new electrical product that meets market demands and trumps competitive offerings. You are confident that it doesn’t radiate much energy and is not susceptible to outside interference, however, when you do final EMC testing, your product fails. This is the nightmare scenario for product designers. Unit redesign and retesting will bust the budget and cause the product release date to slip by weeks or even months.

Manufacturers face a number of stringent compliance challenges to ensure that product design for electromagnetic compatibility reduces a products susceptibility to electromagnetic interference and reduces emissions below acceptable levels. The earlier product deficiencies are identified in the development process, the easier it is to rectify any shortcomings, saving time and money. This is especially true for a design team that is smaller or less experienced, as they are less likely to consider all the factors that influence EMC compliance.

In this "Design for EMC Compliance" webinar, you'll gain critical insights into implementing practices that address EMC compliance considerations throughout the design phase of product development.

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Moving products
to market globally

Why to attend

In this webinar, our EMC compliance expert will give you a complete picture of how to determine applicable EMC requirements for your product, immunity/emissions testing procedures, and the approval process for successful market entry with an emphasis on the following topics:

  • Overview of designing for Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • EMC/EMI Design Guidelines – Radiated immunity/emissions considerations, conducted immunity/emissions considerations.
  • Do’s & Dont’s of EMC design - PCB layout considerations, grounding, seams & apertures, power circuits.
  • Common failures and debug techniques
Achieving Product Excellence
  • Product Planning – Proper component/supplier selection, electrostatic discharge (ESD) mitigation, delivering a compliant product to market.
  • Verification – Design reviews, pre-compliance evaluation testing/pre-scans, pass/fail criteria, compliance testing.

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