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Achieving product excellence is hard with evolving technology & EMC regulations

All product manufacturers need effective tools for navigating not only complex but stringent regulations for EMC compliance.

From IT equipment, to broadcast equipment, a wide range of products have been merged together as Multimedia Equipment under EN 55032 (CISPR32) & EN 55035 (CISPR35) regulations for emissions and immunity — this webinar will give you a high-level overview of the new standards & their requirements, the deadlines to meet the regulations, and market-entry regulations as it applies to your multimedia products.

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Moving products
to market globally

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In this EN 55032: EMC for Multimedia Equipment Webinar, you'll gain critical insights into the new new harmonized emission and immunity standards, the group of standards they are replacing, and demonstrating conformity with essential requirements of the new 2014/30/EU directive from MET's EMC testing experts including:

  • EN 55032 (CISPR32) emission regulations – Standards being replaced, Product families affected, Impact on EN55022, EN55013, and EN55103-1 standards.
  • EN 55035 (CISPR35) immunity regulations – Reeplacing 55024, EN55020, and EN55103-1.
  • New EMC Directive 2014/30/EU – Essential requirements, EMC compliance files & documentation, Operations & responsibilities of Notified Bodies.
Global Market Access
  • CISPR32 – International acceptance (KN35, AS/NZS 55032:2012), Test methods, Conducted emissions, Radiated emissions.
  • CISPR35 & KN35 – International acceptance, Immunity requirements.

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