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Achieving product excellence is hard with stringent FCC regulations for demonstrating compliance

As technologies evolve and wireless connectivity continues integrate into new applications, the regulations for certifying wireless products continue to create new challenges for the electronics industry. Manufacturers planning to sell their wireless/RF products in the United States must ensure that their equipment won’t electromagnetically interfere with other products or cause harm to the public as enforced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), per Title 47 of Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

Radio Frequency (RF) devices are required to be properly authorized before being marketed or imported into the United States. However, many companies do not always have radio frequency (RF) expertise on staff to identify a product's FCC regulatory requirements, determine if it requires approval, and evaluate the specific FCC rule part(s) that apply to successfully achieve market entry.

This FCC Compliance webinar will give you a complete picture of how to determine the FCC’s requirements for your product, equipment authorization procedures, and the approval process for successful market entry. Free registration to all

Moving products
to market globally

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In this webinar, MET's wiresless & RF compliance experts will give a thorough overview of best practices to successfully get your wireless/RF device to market in accordance to FCC regulations with topics including:

  • Overview of Pre-compliance testing, Compliance testing, and Certification – prevent testing failures and ensure market timelines are unaffected
  • Selecting a test lab – Accredited testing laboratory designation, Testing laboratory qualifications
  • Telecommunications Certification Body – TCB review, Filing, and grant of certification.
Achieving Product Excellence
  • Equipment authorization procedures – Suppliers Declaration of Conformity, Certification, Verification.
  • Product Planning – Technical requirements, Product labeling, Modifications.

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MET Laboratories

    • With over 60 years of wireless expertise, MET evaluates your electroncis according to regulatory and international standards. We help you ensure emissions and immunity compliance to attain the certifications needed for your demanding time-to-market needs. Our streamlined testing process ensures your electronics are in accordance with government, regulatory, or industry standards based on your compliance needs and intended markets of sale.

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