Moving products
to market globally

Achieving market access into Taiwan can be complicated

Manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers are challenged to ensure that their products meet the necessary requirements for access into global markets. With constantly changing requirements and the absence of harmonized standards, you need to be aware of the regulations for each country/market you want to access.

Bringing products to market in different countries can be complicated and non-compliant products risk major redesign or reengineering, possibly resulting in delays and loss of revenue. Avoiding these issues requires careful planning, patience, and an understanding of country–specific certification and approval schemes.

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Series line up

In this four part webinar series, we'll explore a range of differing in-country compliance requirements for electrical equipment helping you gain critical insights into product approvals for international markets, required documentation, in-county testing & factory inspections, IECEE CB scheme and international wireless type approvals in key markets for a range of product categories. If you would like to receive more info on testing & certification, please click here.

Moving products
to market globally

Why Attend?

In part three of this webinar series, experts from Eurofins MET Labs will share key insights into the Taiwanese certification process with an emphasis on the following topics:

  • Taiwanese requirements for EMC/product safety and overview of the BSMI DoC & BSMI RPC certification schemes
  • Taiwanese requirements for RF/Telecom and overview of the NCC certification scheme

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