Moving products
to market globally

Achieving product excellence is hard with stringent Hazardous Location standards

Products destined for use in hazardous areas present unique safety challenges for people, processes, and equipment. Combustible dusts, flammable gases, mists or vapors can all contribute to potentially explosive atmospheres in the workplace. As a result manufacturers & suppliers are challenged to ensure their equipment complies with local government, regulatory and international safety standards proving their equipment is safe.

Bringing products to market in different countries can be complicated and non-compliant products risk major redesign or reengineering, possibly resulting in delays and loss of revenue. Avoiding these issues requires careful planning, patience, and an understanding of country–specific certification and approval schemes.

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Moving products
to market globally

Why Attend?

In this webinar series Eurofins MET Labs product safety experts will give you a complete picture of compliance to hazardous location standards and address a range of unique topics including:

  • Overview of frequently used Hazardous Location Product Safety Standards – 60079 family, UL 1203, UL 913, and NFPA 496
  • Hazardous Area Classification – Classifications, divisions, zones, groups, North America ratings
  • Principles of explosion protections – Intrinsic Safety, General Requirements, Flame and Explosion Proofing
  • MSHA Safety Approval – Compliance to MSHA mine safety requirements
Achieving Product Excellence
  • North American Certification Process – North American certification (NRTL & SCC), Constructional review, Compliance testing, Documentation and Markings
  • Product Planning – Intrinsically Safe Equipment, Non-Incendiary Equipment, Explosion Proof/Flame Proof Equipment, Purged & Pressurized Equipment, Design concerns, Pass/Fail criteria & implications.

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