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Achieving product safety compliance is hard with evolving technology & expanding markets

Every country has legal and industry requirements concerning the safe sale of products. As regulations change and technology improves, manufacturers & suppliers are challenged with ensuring that their products comply with government, regulatory, and industry safety standards to protect populations or the workplace from potential safety risks. Electrical safety is mandatory for legal access to every major country in the world.

When designing a product, it is critical to approach product development proactively with regulatory compliance in mind from the very initial stages of product discovery, down through placing the product on the market. Operating in a reactionary manner to (i.e. correcting problems found during the compliance testing process), rather than planning and preventing them during design can costs you time and money. It is critical for manufacturers to implement practices that address compliance considerations throughout the design phase and entire cycle of product development to minimize costly design errors, reduce time to market, reduce costs prior to product release, and reduce chances of product recalls.

In this "Design for Product Safety Compliance" webinar, you'll gain critical insights and best practices into a range of topics including: Planning for product safety testing early in the design phase of product development, processes for safety testing/certification, component & supplier selection, product markings & documentation.

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  • When: Thursday December 6, 2018
    1:00pm - 2:00pm (EST)

    Thursday April 18, 2019
    1:00pm - 2:00pm (PST)

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Moving products
to market globally

Why to attend

Whether you run a small start-up or you work for a huge multi-national; if you produce products that involve electricity, it’s likely that you’re going to be confronted with electrical product safety requirements. Since properly labeling the product for sale can be one of the last considerations in the product development cycle, it is vital that compliance is designed into the entire product development process.

  • Overview of designing for product safety
  • Identifying & Managing Risk – Hazard identification, risk analysis principles, and risk assessment responsibilities.
  • Hazards related to safety – Electric Shock, Fire, Heat, Mechanical, Radiation, and Chemical hazards.
  • Manufacturer responsibilities - Safety requirements, test plan requirements, markings & documentation.
Achieving Product Excellence
  • Product Planning – Component/supplier selection, critical components, enclosures, circuit separation/spacings, delivering a compliant product to market.
  • Product Markings & Documentation – Electrical ratings, model & manufacture name or logo, safety warnings, certification marks.

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